Coworking space management tools and softwares

Nowadays, coworking spaces become so popular in all over the world and espacially in France. That’s why , creating coworking spaces is continuing to attract many persons espacially young people with the aim to create new working practices. If you want to live your passion and make your coworking project successful, you should  learn more about coworking space management tools and softwares. Let’s  discover together coworking spaces management tools and softwares  through this page. Ready 😉

List of coworking space management tools and softwares

Good management is the key to the success of your coworking space as a company aiming to acheive her durability. But, in this context, we should ask yourself this question: how to manage your coworking space successfully? Dear  intert users, the solution is to continue reading to learn more about tools and softwares that you can use to manage your coworking space:

Nexudus spaces

Maybe, you don’t know what means “Espaces Nexudus” and never heard about it before. For that reason, we should explain to you  the main definition of Espaces Nexudus”. This definition concerned  all owners of coworking spaces and collaborative workplaces:  Espaces Nexudus”’ is a platform that is composed of many tools and softwares that can help you to manage your space coworking as well as possible. Through this tool or software , you can manage easily  event ticketing, community and your customers. So, hesitate to try Espaces Nexudus to contribute to the success of your coworking espace.


Optix is an application used for coworking and connected spaces mangemenet. It helps you to do real time analytics and manage your adherences more efficient. So, you will not need papers to manage daily tasks. You will be able to do it automatically.


OfficeRnD, is one of the most important coworking management software. If you own a collaborative workplace or a space coworking, don’t hesitate to try this software. When you use OfficeRnD, your team becomes more professional and oprerational by automating the administrative process of your space( you can manage your billing informations and meeting room booking system easily) . OfficeRnD  helps you also to manage your membership effectively and quickly.


Believe it or no? Coworking spaces and collaborative workplaces are focused on many values.  But, we should tell you that community is the most important values of coworking. So, we recommend you to use Bisner to manage your community. Let’s remember you that Bisner is an online platform of the white label.

Satellite Deskworks

It is a software that helps to automate coworking space and business centers. Satellite Deskworks gives you the opportunity to do real time analytics and to controll your team. 


Cobot is one of the best tools and softwares used to manage espace coworking. So, in order to ensure the success of your coworking managment as a commercial company, try“Cobot. Il is a tool that can help you to do daily tasks easily( Integration of new members,  automatisation of invoices for payment). So, you can save much time. It is also  important to know that Cobot can help you to improve your productivity.


Why use Coworkifier? Coworkifier, As its name implies, is a software especially designed to facilitate coworking management. It is used by many coworking spaces and even by collaborative workplaces.  Coworkifier is very pratical tool. It makes the reservation of meeting rooms easier. Besides, Coworkifier,  also helps you automate your invoices and accept online payments via paypal or credit card.


Due to FreshBooks, the management of your daily tasks becomes easier. This tool is used to automate invoices so you can win much time.  Besides, don’t worry about security of your documents and informations. You can do your tasks safely because FreshBooks is based on”cloud”. It is also important to know that when you use FreshBooks, you will  contribute to the progress of your coworking space or collaborative workplace. 


This system that is used especially for online reservation, is recommended by coworking and business centers. . Skedda facilitates the online reservation of shared office or private office and it also simplifies checking the availability of your meeting rooms . 


This  softaware is used especially for coworking spaces. It facilitates payment management and automates the resrvation of meeting room and shared office. In short, andcards can help you to do your administrative tasks. So don’t hesitate to try this pratical and easy to use software. You will certainly contribute cto the development of your coworking and save money and time.  

Coworking space management tools and softwares:the most important things to remember

Finally, we would like to inform you that tools and softwares used to manage coworking space are numerous. So, You shoud choose a tool or software that can help you to develop your coworking space or your collaborative workplace as a commercial company aiming to improve her work performance and methods . Coworking space tools and softwares management help you to do your daily tasks easier and give you the opportunity to create a positive work environment and therefore you can achieve greater gains.